Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

General Refund Policy:

Yumsah’s Website Design strives to provide the best work possible. It is possible for the designer and the client to have different opinions on a piece of work. Website design is a very tedious process; it can be an extremely long process as a designer, even changing something that may be simple, can take hours. For this reason there will be no refunds issued including if you have taken too long or never sent the information needed to put on your website. If the designer does not meet Yumsah's expectations when it comes to quality and client requests refund, one will be issued. If the design is perfectly fine and client requests refund, there will be no refund, however we will fix what you request. If requests are too exessive and "backtracking", we reserve the right to cancel your service and not issue a refund.

Is there a cancellation fee?

We are based on a month to month service. You can cancel anytime you want, we would appreciate the reason for your cancellation to further improve our work quality with future clients. Just let us know at least a week before you cancel to make sure we take you off our subscription on time.

Can I pause my subscription?

If you plan to be back, let us know the period you need to take time off. In this case, your website will be temporarily taken down during that period until you wish to continue. Your website will run until the end of the pay period.

What if my website is hacked or goes offline?

These things happen, even to the biggest companies in the world. If your website happens to be hacked or taken offline, no need to worry! We will be able to bring back your website within 24 hours, though if there is a serious hack (unlikely) it may take a couple of days. Although we don’t expect this to happen at all, if it does, we will compensate with free editing time or a discounted monthly payment depending on the time your website was offline. If your plan does not offer a backup, we will not be responsible to restore your website.

When do payments start?

Payments start as soon as you book us. Since it is recurring payments, try to send all information about your business fast so we can get your website up and running as soon as we can! Depending on your website's complexity and your suggested edits, the website can take up to 2 weeks to finish, however typically it takes us less time. Service is paid in advance; if you pay on the 21st of January, you will have service until the 21st of February.

What if I miss a payment?

When you sign up, the monthly payments will be taken care of automatically with recurring billing. In the event that you are unable to pay on time, you can contact us so we can determine if there is a grace period that may be of assistance for you or if you need to pause your plan.

How will payments be made?

Payments will be made through HoneyBook. This will allow for an effortless way to make monthly payments with your debit or credit card. Once you click on “Make this a recurring payment” there is no need to ever touch the app again until you decide to move on from our service. It takes less than 30 seconds to sign up and all we need is your email.

Do you write content for me?

We can help you with basic content writing such as fixing grammar errors, run on sentences, etc. You know your businesses’ services better than we do. We can send suggested topics to put on your website and you can send us what you want it to say.

Can I change my website’s design and what if I'm not happy with it?

We will design the website for you or you can provide a hand-drawn design for us. You may change your design only once.

We strive to provide the best quality when it comes to website design and content creation. The designer first goes through Yumsah's owner for approval of the design. So any designs not deemed to be best quality are sent back for revisions. If you do not like your website, you must let us know what specifically you do not like so we can change it for you. You will not get a refund unless Yumsah’s owner also agrees the quality does not meet our standards.

What if I want to make changes to my website?

Our websites are made in custom code, so you won't be able to edit them unless you are a professional designer/programmer. Even then, you'd also need to know how to manage servers. We do both. If you know you will need us to edit your website, choose a plan that best suits your business so you can save money!

If I don’t use my editing time, can I save it up?

The editing time resets on the first day of the following calendar month. You will not be able to rollover your editing time if unclaimed. The final day to request for changes is the day before the last calendar day of the month. So if there are 30 days in the month, the last day to request edits is the 29th.

What if I need more editing time?

If you have used up all your editing time for the month and need more changes, you may request more time by emailing us. Let us know the task you want and we will send you an estimate.

What can I do with my editing time or what can I use it for?

Let us know what you need, however if the task needed takes longer than your allotted time, we will have a discussion. Only (1) of each example can be used in the corresponding plan. For example, “Design changes, such as re-organizing a section to look different.” can only be used if you have Medium Changes in your plan. If you have Medium Changes, you can get (2) of the jobs from Simple Changes.

Simple Changes 30 minutes- Basic Plan

This can be used for editing once a month.
Great for businesses that don’t need the website changed much. An emergency edit would be at your disposal.

  • Emergency edits like changing your hours of operation or announcing a new product coming in.
  • Changing colors, adding or removing paragraphs.
  • Adding or removing items on sale
  • Changing colors, adding or removing paragraphs.
  • Adding a “Now Hiring, Apply Within” banner
  • Medium Changes 60 minutes- Premium Plan

    This can be used for Simple Changes twice a month or 1 Medium Change a month.
    For businesses that have events or like to keep their customers engaged and informed.

  • Setting up to 2 events/promotions such as having a surprise DJ show up to your club or having Santa come in and give dog treats to pets all day long.
  • Design changes, such as re-organizing a single section to look different.
  • Large Changes 120 minutes- Business Plan

    This can be used for editing Simple Changes once a week, Medium Changes twice a month, or one Large Change a month.
    Perfect for businesses that have a couple of sales each week they want to advertise, have multiple events throughout the month and want to keep their website up-to-date without the extra cost.

  • Adding a slightly complex event or animation that you have seen on the internet. Can be hovering animations, sliders, changing website colors when the user clicks on something, etc.
  • Revamping or adding multiple sections.
  • Major changes such as adding a new page at no extra cost with content you have provided.
  • Additional Changes - 30 minutes/$15

    If you need additional time to work on your website, you can either wait for the 1st of the next month or request extra editing time.

    Are there ways to get free editing time or free website hosting?

    If you refer us to a friend or business and they purchase a package, you will get a reward of your choosing, free service for a limited time or free editing time.

    When do I own my website?

    We save businesses a lot of money by charging a recurring subscription rather than charging thousands of dollars up front. We believe that our quality will keep you with us. Saying this, it would be possible for competing agencies to buy a website from us and re-sell it. To keep this from happening, you must have had an active subscription for at least 12 months for you to own the website.

    To own your website means you can leave our service and do the work yourself if for example you take the time to learn computer programming or find a friend that knows how to program. In reality, if you do not know how to manage a server or edit websites, it makes no difference!

    When can I start using my website maintenance editing perk?

    Once you accept the final design of the website, your perk will start at the 1st of each month, regardless of when your monthly payments started. Any unused time will expire after the last day of the month and will not roll over.

    How do I request website editing changes?

    We will give you an email address you can send requests to. Please send an email with the subject line “BUSINESS NAME - Short description of edit”. Inside the email include pictures, sketches and all the information you need us to put on the website. We will reply “Done” when we finish your request. If the task is over your limit, we will let you know. If you do not have editing time, we will send you an invoice and will do the job as soon as it is paid.

    How long will it take you to finish my website?

    If you send everything and get back to us quickly, we can finish it in much less than 2 weeks. If you take days to respond, it can take up to a month to finish your website.